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by elizaled on Jan 22, 2016

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Lychnburg is the 'City of Seven Hills' named for its founder, John Lynch, who at the age of 17 started a ferry service to carry traffic over the James River to and from New London, Virginia.  People who visit Lynchburg always want to return.  It is a beautiful city, and pickleball has certainly found a home there as you can see by the latest list of places to play in Lynchburg.

Places to Play Pickleball in Lynchburg, Virginia

YMCA Jamerson
YMCA Downtown
Pleasant View Baptist Church
Leesville Road Elementary School
Fairview Center
Brookville Middle School
Boonsboro Country Club


Judy Bowman, center, and pickleball aficionados at the YMCA in VA Judy Bowman, center, and pickleball aficionados at the YMCA in VA

Local Virginia Ambassadors

Judy Bowman 434-385-5839 Lynchburg, VA
Jim Schaefer  704-860-8370  Roanoke VA

Sometimes you need a special person to get pickleball started in your community.  Ambassadors are volunteers who make a promise to promote the sport of pickleball.  They may be individuals or couples, or a group of ambassadors working together as a team. The main prerequisite is a love of the sport and the desire to share our game with others of all ages. In Lynchburg, they have a Pickleball Ambassador, Extraordinaire!

'Judy Bowman wants to sell you pickleball', according to the magazine, Lynchburg Living. They featured pickleball in Lynchburg in their January 2014 issue.  The article shared: 'The best part of Bowman’s pickleball sales pitch is that she can say 'pickleball' to a complete stranger while maintaining a straight face. She is unfazed by the smirks and grins of those not yet educated to the zen of the pickleball. Her patient grin channels the karma of both pickle and ball while she pontificates. She explains that pickleball’s strength is its flexibility. It serves both the wannabe athlete and the social butterfly that resides within. 'It’s all about the people,' she insisted. 'You don’t have to be a jock to do it.''

To grow interest in pickleball, it sure helps to have enthusiastic folks like Judy Bowman around to get things going!

Downtown Y Players in Lynchburg Virginia Downtown Y players: Brenda Roberts, Judy Wheels Bowman, Brenda-Gay Efford, Gail Stancil Roberts, Joy Jones Pantana, Lynn Mellott, Jerry Lane, Rick Fain and Wendy Boothe.

 Local Virginia Court Construction Companies

These sport court constructions experts in Virginia can help you with your court construction questions:

Bishop’s Tennis Inc.

Chesapeake Court Builders Inc.

Court One/Recreational Ventures, Inc.

Lynchburg, Virginia Pickleball Clubs

GO, Lynchburg Pickleball!


Local Virginia Tournaments

Virginia Pickleball’s Winter Fun Pickleball Tournament
Virginia Commonwealth Games Pickleball Tournament at Boonsboro Country Club
Newport News Meet and Greet winter Tournament
Northumberland YMCA Potluck Pickleball Tournament
All Tidewater Pickleball Classic Indoor Tournament

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