Pickleball Japanese Adventure

Mar 9, 2016

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Japan Pickleball Group

Having lived in Japan for 16 years, we offer the opportunity to experience Japan at a level most tourists never see. Our Japanese adventure pickleball tours not only includes play time and several semi-private lessons with Daniel and Scott Moore, 2015 Pickleball Rocks players of the year and 8 time national champions, but also provides you the opportunity to be part of starting pickleball in Japan. You will have first hand interaction with numerous Japanese, see how they live, share meals with them, and play some pickleball with them as well.

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The adventure part will be not only seeing some of the typical tourist scenes, such as temples, castles, shrines, Japanese markets, Mt. Fuji, etc., but will also take you to places most tourists never see, such as the snow monkeys, hiking to beautiful waterfalls, and experiencing true Japanese culture, including a night or two at a Japanese Inn. Last year we took 13 people with us, and the feedback was almost to a person that they got so much more than they paid for and had no idea that they would experience so much of Japan in a little over a week.

Pickleball in Japan Players

So join us if you can for a once in a lifetime opportunity while improving your pickleball at the same time. This year Daniel or I will do a clinic and work on specific skills each day we play pickleball, teaching you everything you need to beat us.

For the 2016 Japan Pickleball Tour, the cost was $2250.00 per person, or $2700.00 Single Occupancy.

This price includes:

  • Double-occupancy occomodation for all 8 nights
  • All meals, pickleball & activities

This price does NOT include:

  • Alcohol
  • Airfare or JR train pass
  • Travel insurance

For more info, please contact Daniel at pickleballdaniel@gmail.com or call 719-235-8797.