Is Pickleball a Year-Round Sport?

by laurapbc on Feb 8, 2019

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Certain sports are simply made for the summer. Baseball, soccer, golf and other activities practically necessitate nice weather since indoor alternatives just don't feel the same or provide the space the sports truly require.

While many picklers will say they prefer playing outside, one of pickleball's strengths is that it's quite easy to take indoors as well. Many rec players use gyms, indoor tennis or badminton courts and other alternatives with hard flooring to play their favorite game throughout the year.

At the same time, pickleball has a reputation for being much beloved by 'snowbirds' who abandon one location for sunnier locales like FL, AZ or HI when the climate turns chilly. Others who live in these locations chose them specifically because they knew the weather would never prevent them from going outside to indulge in a game.

Sunny pickleball We don't all get to enjoy weather like this throughout the year (Credit: Darryl Kenyon

It's true that outdoor and indoor pickleball have their differences, and it's not always easy to make the transition. Each typically uses a unique ball, the indoor style being a softer, bouncier and slower moving than the outdoor alternative. The flooring is different (sometimes requiring unique shoes) and environmental conditions affect play much more outdoors than they do inside. Some players even switch paddles depending on where they're playing.

Both styles of the game can be satisfying, but not all players are open to the idea of switching their preferred setting once they've gotten familiar with one.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Do you solely play indoors or outdoors, or are you willing to transition between the two depending on what's available?

With big indoor tournaments like the International Indoor Pickleball Championship in Centralia coming up, we think you shouldn't limit your options! But perhaps there should be an easier way to keep picklers playing regardless of where they're located.

Do you need any convincing to play pickleball in your less-preferred setting?