Introducing VERSIX Pro Pickleball Paddles by Pickleball Central

by Patrick Moore on Jul 7, 2023

Introducing VERSIX Pro Pickleball Paddles by Pickleball Central

Wading through the many types of pickleball paddles available today can be daunting. With the different face materials, core thicknesses, emphasis on power, control or spin - there are so many options it can make even the most seasoned pickleball player's head spin. To help players find a reliable, top quality paddle with just the right sweet spot of price and performance, we have created a new line of  VERSIX paddles by Pickleball Central.

As your trusted pickleball experts, we have used our years of knowledge, experience, and customer feedback to create a line of paddles that will supplement your game and act as your partner through practice, casual games, and big tournaments. The VERSIX Pro line consists of four paddle styles with two different shapes and two distinct constructions to offer you the feel and performance you desire from your game.

While all four of the VERSIX Pro paddles present a distinctly different feel and different performance focus, they all share technologies and materials that help you play at a high level. The following section breaks down the different attributes available in the line so that you can choose the paddle that best matches your skillset.


The Pro line consists of two shapes, regular and XL. The “regular” shape pairs a 5” handle with a 10.6" x 8.2” hitting surface to create a 15.6” overall length. The “XL” shape offers an elongated 5.25” handle and 16.4" length with 7.4" width. 

The regular shape creates a paddle that you can reload quickly near the net, control easily all over the court, and allows for a more centered and expanded, larger sweet spot.. This allows you to hit more shots purely and limits your punishment when you miss hit.

The XL shape offers a more powerful feel that encourages overhead slams, added power, and exceptional reach. The longer handle and shape also moves the sweet spot toward the top of the hitting surface increasing swing weight. This higher sweet spot adds extra pop and power to your drives and slams.

The real question on shape is whether you want maneuverability, improved margin for error and easier defense and blocking or if you prefer to enhance your game with all-court power, reach and swing speed at the point of contact.

Hitting Surface

To create different attributes throughout our VERSIX paddle line we utilize both carbon fiber and fiberglass hitting surfaces. Both materials offer distinct attributes to help your game, and both paddles faces are finished with our Peel Ply Texture + Wear Prevention Coating.

The 6F paddles in this line with a fiberglass hitting surface are both referred to as “power” paddles. This is because the fiberglass we have chosen offers impressive rebound and flexibility that responds immediately when contacting the ball to return energy quickly, resulting in impressive pop and power.

The 6C carbon fiber paddles in this line are referred to as “control” paddles. This is because carbon fiber is stiffer and more widely distributes the impact energy from the ball to increase sweet spot size. As a result VERSIX Pro 6C paddles play more evenly and predictably across the face with a less reactive rebound to improve ease of ball placement and direction.

No matter which hitting surface material better suits your game, the added Peel Ply Texture + Wear Prevention Coating will you help shape the ball path with spin to your serves and cut shots, as well as add longevity that encourages you to get out and play every day. Our “mid-thick” 15 mm core thickness used on all VERSIX Pro models provides a measured combination of reactive power on hard drives and improved energy absorption for enhanced sweet spot and smooth feel.

All of these shapes and materials are expertly combined to create our four VERSIX Pro paddles:

While you decide which paddle sounds best for you, remember that the VERSIX Pro Line by Pickleball Central focuses on finding the sweet spot of price and performance to create a product that will help you progress and have fun on the pickleball court. If you aren't sure which paddle will best fit your skills and goals, reach out to one of our pickleball experts who will be happy to help you make the best selection, wherever you are in your pickleball journey.

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