Introducing The Lab at Pickleball Central

by Joseph Sutton on Aug 3, 2023

Introducing The Lab at Pickleball Central

USA Pickleball & Pickleball Central Performance data Explained

Last year, the  USAP testing committee approved over 500 new paddles with unique makeups, marketing buzzwords, and performance characteristics. Those added to the 1000+ paddle models on the market make choosing the right paddle incredibly difficult. We formed The Lab at Pickleball Central to provide players with performance-based data and transparency into the paddle and equipment market to make finding the right gear for your game easier than ever before.

Marketing is important, and pickleball companies ( Pickleball Central included) understandably use it to promote their products and explain why they are right for you. Consumers should know if a paddle provides superior spin, the right balance of power and control, or more forgiveness and stability for volleys at the net, but how do they compare the paddle they are playing to one they have never played? One company’s definition of control or power could easily differ from another’s, and it’s hard to know which will fit their game best. After answering these questions for thousands of players via customer service over the years, we wanted to supply that knowledge to anyone browsing our site.

Pickleball Central's The Lab

Phase one of The Lab at Pickleball Central focuses on educating players on the universal elements of paddle performance and how they affect your game. Using the all-new 4-in-1 testing machine from  HEAD, we will break down the importance of swingweight, twistweight, balance point, and static weight. We’ll then provide those stats for consumers to use and compare every paddle in our catalog.

Educating players on these concepts also allows us to provide hard data and instruction for paddle modification. Hours of experimentation and testing have allowed us to measure and share the effect of paddle weight modifications precisely. The ability to set up your paddles the same way even between models allow players to get the most out of their equipment. Often players want more power or stability from their paddle not realizing that a few grams of weighed tape in the right position could be all they need.

Pickleball Paddle Testing

We plan to provide players the most information possible and push the pickleball industry forward with standardized testing parameters, transparency into the equipment market, and science based product reviews. Through data driven testing and consistent methodology, The Lab at Pickleball Central hopes to make finding the perfect paddle and understanding why you love it a breeze.

We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback along the way to make sure we are answering your questions and serving the pickleball community as best we can.

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