How Do You Feel About Pickleball Trick Shots?

by laurapbc on Feb 2, 2019

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When you've got the skill, sometimes you just feel like showing off. If the stakes are low or you're going after a difficult shot in the first place, trick shots can add more style and versatility to your game. Ever seen someone hit a pickleball behind their back, through their legs or outside the boundary lines? Then you've likely seen a trick shot at work. (Some players also just call it 'getting lucky' depending on the circumstances involved!)

This fun and informative video from Dirty Dick and Halo Herb of The Villages shows off some of these intriguing moves and might give you ideas on how to work in more unconventional shots into your play. Options like 'Around the Post' are great for throwing off your opponents and making it more difficult to tell where your shot is going to connect.

All of these moves are legal, however there is some confusion surrounding the 'Herb shot' displayed around 3:20. The rule it calls into question is 11.A 'Carry and Double Hits.' The rules state, 'Balls can be hit twice or carried, but this must occur during a continuous, single direction stroke. If the stroke is not continuous or not in a single direction, the hit is not allowed and a fault will be declared.'

Some feel that since the ball is slightly scooped upwards then pushed back, this constitutes more than a single direction. However, it was confirmed at last year's Nationals to be legal as of this time.

Would you consider all of the moves shown in the video to be actual trick shots or just smart play? Do you use any in your games?