Generations Unite: A Father's Perspective on Family, Photography, and Pickleball

Apr 29, 2024

Generations Unite: A Father's Perspective on Family, Photography, and Pickleball

Welcome to our latest Court Connections feature, where we delve into the heartwarming stories that define the essence of pickleball's generational bond. This month, we're honored to shine a spotlight on Bruce Yeung, a prominent figure in the pickleball community known for his exceptional skills on the court and his keen eye behind the lens. Join us as we explore Bruce's unique perspective on the power of pickleball to unite generations and strengthen family bonds, both on and off the court.

How has pickleball strengthened the bond between you and your son, both on and off the court? 

Our family discovered pickleball Covid pandemic lockdown as a way to get exercise outdoors. It allowed us to stay active and have fun while social-distancing at the time. My kids didn't have any racquet sport background but picked it up pickleball quickly. Pickleball strengthen our relationship and gave us a common sport to play fun rec games but also competitive matches against each other where friendly trash-talking can occur. Since pickleball isn't a high school sport yet, it allowed my 2 younger children (Noah and Elise) to develop hand-eye coordination and pick up tennis and play on their high school tennis team. My older son (Caleb) competes for the Purdue Pickleball Team in the College MLP competitions.

Can you share a memorable moment or experience of playing pickleball alongside your son in tournaments? 

I typically compete with my older son Caleb in tournaments. The last tournament is a very memorable one as we qualified for Nationals by winning our division (of course I had to play in the younger division)... But that Saturday was also the NCAA Final Four basketball tournament played in PHX, AZ. where my son's college Purdue University was playing. Our championship match ended right at tipoff and to celebrate our Golden Ticket qualification for Nationals, we drove an hour to the other side of PHX and purchased tickets to watch Purdue advance to the Championships as well. Very spontaneous for sure! 

As a well-known photographer at pickleball tournaments, what have been some of the most meaningful moments you've captured that showcase the spirit of generations uniting on the court? 

Not sure if I would qualify as a well-known photographer, but I do like taking fun photos for sure... But I would say capturing some special moments of the "family-base" teams such as mother-daughter teams like Leigh and Anna-Leigh Waters, sibling teams like Jorja and JW Johnson or even amateur teams where I've taken photos of a grandparent teaming with a grandchild on the courts. As many pickleball pros can attest, pickleball is a sport that levels the playing field the most out of any professional sports. Of course athleticism is a big advantage but patience and strategy is also pinnacle at the higher levels of pickleball competition. This allows for different generations to team together competitively while still having fun. 

How do you think pickleball has influenced your relationship with your son and your family dynamics as a whole?  

I think pickleball has definitely strengthened my relationship with the children and family as it gives us a common goal and sport to spend time together and talk about. But I will say that "pickleball addiction" is real and sometimes over playing or overly being involved with pickleball needs to be curbed which could negatively impact the family dynamics too! 

In what ways do you hope to continue sharing your love for pickleball with future generations of your family?

I'm hoping that I will be able to continue playing with my family (wife and children) and eventually be able to play pickleball with the grandchildren whenever that happens... and even with the great grandchildren! I've become a Pro certified pickleball coach so hopefully the great grandchildren will listen to my coaching!!!

As we conclude our journey into the world of pickleball's generational connection, we're reminded of the profound impact this sport has in bringing families together and creating lasting memories. From shared victories on the court to cherished moments captured through Bruce's lens, pickleball continues to serve as a beacon of unity and joy for generations to come. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Bruce Yeung for sharing his insights and experiences with us, and we look forward to celebrating more stories of family and connection in the months ahead. Until then, keep playing, keep connecting, and keep spreading the pickleball love!

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