Court Connections: Stories that Go Beyond the Game

by Kelly R Frazier on Jan 29, 2024

Court Connections: Stories that Go Beyond the Game

Hello, Pickleball Community!

Today marks the beginning of an extraordinary journey – a journey that goes beyond the lines of the court, beyond the rallies, and deep into the heart of what makes pickleball more than just a game. Welcome to "Court Connections: Stories that Go Beyond the Game" – a celebration of our shared experiences, triumphs, and the connections that make our community truly special.

Court Connections

Why Court Connections?

Pickleball isn't just a sport; it's a community, a family, and a tapestry woven with countless unique stories. We believe in the power of these stories – the tales of victories, friendships, and personal growth that unfold on and off the courts. "Court Connections" is our way of bringing these stories to the forefront, celebrating the essence of pickleball that goes beyond the game.

How Does it Work?

Every month, we'll dive into a different theme, inviting you to share your personal stories. Whether it's the journey to fitness, love found on the court, community impact, or the joy of playing across generations – each theme is a chapter in our collective narrative.

What's in it for You?

By sharing your story, you become a vital part of a larger narrative. Your experiences inspire, connect, and resonate with fellow players. But that's not all – each month, one storyteller will be selected as the winner of our sponsored giveaway, generously provided by our partner brands.

Get Involved!

Ready to be part of Court Connections? Head to our LANDING PAGE, share your story, and join us in making 2024 the year we connect, inspire, and celebrate the extraordinary stories that go beyond the game. Check back as your story might be featured in our blog, social channels and email!

Let the journey begin, and let the stories unfold!