Court Connections: February Love Chronicles

by Kelly R Frazier on Feb 9, 2024

Court Connections: February Love Chronicles

Welcome to "Court Connections," where the heartbeat of the pickleball community resonates with stories of love, friendship, and shared passion on the court. February's theme was Love Chronicles: featuring heartwarming stories of love connections formed on the pickleball court. Whether it's friendships, romances, or bonding with family members, we wanted to emphasize the theme of love. We invite you to immerse yourself in the tales of connection and camaraderie that define the essence of February's theme. From newfound friendships to enduring bonds, these stories capture the profound impact of love in all its forms within our beloved pickleball family.

"My Name is Lorrie and my husband’s name is Chet. I would like to share our pball love story with you. I was a widow from S.S.Marie, Ontario, Canada and Chet was a widow from Grand Rapids, Mich. We met playing pball at Sun outdoor Sarasota FLA. He had been spending his winters there for many years and I was there with friends for a few weeks. We were sitting on a bench waiting for our turn to play pball. We struck up a conversation and played pball together. We saw each other at the courts and Chet (who hadn’t asked anyone on a date in more than 54 years) mustered up the nerve to ask me out to dinner. We hit it off immediately and 3 months later we were engaged and 5 months later we got married. It was smack in the middle of Covid and I was not allowed to drive across the border into the United States. On Jun 19, 2020 Chet hired a private plane to come and get me. It was like a Cinderella fairytale day. He was not allowed to come on the plane to get me (more Covid rules) so he met me at the airport with beautiful roses. On July 20, 2020 we were married on the dock behind Chet’s house in Grand Rapids. His family was present but my family unable to travel during Covid watch the wedding on Face Time. Throughout covid we continued to have challenges, even though we were married I could not cross the border into the US with my husband. On the flip side Chet and I were allowed to drive into Canada together as long as we provided proof of marriage. Despite our road blocks we celebrated our third anniversary in July. We continue to play pball almost daily. We feel very blessed to have met through pickleball the game we both love."

- Lorrie Babcock (Sarasota, FL)

"Hello! Back in June, I started playing a lot of pickleball at some local courts. I would just go with friends and eventually began making new pickleball friends! I was, at the time, going on dates here and there with occasionally guys from dating apps, but none of them were the right one for me. Around the beginning of September, I met a guy at the courts who I would play an occasional game or two with if we both happened to be there, and we would have small conversations between games. Over that month, we became just friends, as I was going on a few dates with someone else. Towards the end of September, those dates with the other guy ended, and my pickleball friend asked me out on a date! I have now been dating my pickleball boyfriend since the beginning of October. It truly is my favorite story that we met on the pickleball courts! Of course we go play all the time at those same courts, but together now rather than individually! It’s been so sweet and fun getting to date my pickleball boy, Clayton, and I’m so thankful for our story and that it involves pickleball!"

- Katie Tansey (Cabot, AR)

"I met my now boyfriend, Jeremiah during the Covid pandemic June 2020. I live in Maryland and I went up to Rhode Island to spend the summer with my parents and play pickleball. I met Jeremiah by playing pickleball with him and 2 others throughout the summer since we all really didn’t want to interact with too many people during the pandemic. We started out as friends but then became boyfriend/girlfriend even though I lived in Maryland and he lived in Rhode Island. Over these past 3 years, we have played pickleball tournaments together so that we can play this sport we both love and also be able to see each other more. The best news is that at the end of this month we are closing on our house together in Maryland! I wouldn’t have met Jeremiah if it wasn’t for pickleball and I’m so happy I found him!"

- Sara Mayher (Cockeysville, MD)

"I bought our first paddles for Valentine's Day in 2019. Just a cheap set from Amazon that came with two balls and two paddles. We didn't really start playing until about a year later but since then we've both become fanatics. We have enjoyed traveling to tournaments together and making new friends!"

- Carrie Klingman (Plainfield, IN)

“I was introduced to pickleball in May 2020 and I, in turn, introduced the rest of these ladies to the sport. We've taken classes, had private coaching, and play 3-4 times/week since then. Here we are on a pickleball vacation to Hilton Head, SC in June 2023. These ladies have become part of my mental health team too - pickleball is great self-care. We've been through ups and downs of life including grieving lost parents, struggling kids and cranky husbands!"

- Karen Mac Walalch (Chicago, IL)

"Where do I begin.... In February 2022 my husband of 36 years passed away. Sad and lonely I had to wake myself up and move forward. I lost 55 pounds and discovered pickleball, best thing I have ever done for myself. I know this my seem selfish but when faced with such a life altering change you have to re-evaluate your life. I am not young, 60 now, and have never been athletic. When I started I joked "I gave birth to athletes I'm not one" but with pickleball I discovered I could be athletic have fun and meet some of the most wonderful people. I am now surrounded by a community of people that care when you show up, wonder why you didn't show up, and support you when you have a moment. I have taught my sons to play and having a sport in common to play, I can't tell you what that has meant to me. For a short time I was able to beat them and as a mom, selfishly that is rewarding. Now getting the call "you pickling today" just brings overwhelming joy to my life and smile to my face. Grandkids are next. In short I LOVE this sport!"

- Susan Hudson (Seneca, SC)

May the stories shared in this roundup serve as a reminder of the boundless love that unites us on the court, enriching our lives and nurturing our souls. Whether it's a warm embrace after a hard-fought match or a shared laugh over a missed shot, let us cherish every moment of love and connection that the pickleball court brings into our lives. Here's to a future filled with love, laughter, and endless rallies on the court.

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