Chrome N-R-G Brings Bigger Sweet Spot to Teardrop Paddles

by laurapbc on Jan 19, 2018

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Elongated paddles have brought more versatility to pickleball by allowing players to utilize impressive reach. This makes stretching for ground strokes or cross-court volleys less of a struggle, particularly when playing singles.

The only difficulty players may face with this style is accuracy due to a slim design and sweet spot typically residing in the upper-third of the paddle face.

Chrome N-R-G, $88.99

A Broader Sweet Spot

ProLite has come to the rescue and created a paddle that reduces these issues with its Chrome N-R-G. The head-weighted and tapered design of the N-R-G stretches out the length of the sweet spot while simultaneously making it easier to return pickleballs.

While its forgiving shape eases beginners toward familiarity, the Chrome also empowers higher level players to take advantage of its reactivity and power. By making maximum use of the allowable USAPA dimensions, players enjoy exceptional placement and better control over their swings.

Power in Every Hit

ProLite's QuadCore™ polymer honeycomb core also helps to reduce vibration while delivering noticeable power. Players can use less energy putting force behind their hits and instead focus on returning accurate shots with just the right amount of pop.

ProLite Chrome Sweet Spot

ProLite believes that no other teardrop paddle in the industry has enhanced the sweet spot to such a generous size until now. Try it out and you're sure to feel the difference for yourself!

Game-Changing Control

The N-R-G's face is gel-coated and made with triple-layer fiberglass which has a gentle touch during play. Despite its strength, this surface is also ideal for rallies at the net while you're focused on the soft game. Pickleballs will linger against the face just a bit longer so you can make your shot precisely when you're ready.

As with all ProLite paddles, the N-R-G is manufactured within the USA and is acceptable for tournament use. It has a reliable medium weight (around 7.8 oz on average) that will prevent wrist strain while offering players a sturdy feel.

Check out the Chrome N-R-G on PickleballCentral and remember that you can always try any of our paddles risk-free for 30-days, or you can drop by Pickleball Station in Kent, WA if you'd like to give it a go on our courts.