Bellevue Pickleball Meetup Finds New Fans

by laurapbc on Jun 24, 2016

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Pickleball meetup this Sunday (6/26) from 3:30 - 6:30 in Renton, WA on Talbot Hill! Click here to RSVP.

A couple weeks ago PickleballCentral had the good fortune of meeting a young player named Boyd Massie, who's local to the Seattle area. After chatting for a time we found out that he was not only a talented player, but a great pickleball advocate! After finding several courts for use in Bellevue, Boyd decided to begin a Meetup group for those wanting to play pickleball. Score another point for the game's growth!

Boyd was kind enough to take the time for a quick interview with us, so if you're interested in how simple it can be to start a local pickleball group or want to find more players in the area, be sure to have a look.

Bellevue pickleball courts Meeting at the Bellevue pickleball courts

What’s your background in sports and how did you find out about pickleball?

I've always loved spots and played my fair share, including competitive soccer, bowling, cross country, track, basketball and tennis. I had the awesome experience of playing collegiate tennis and continue to hit as well as play in a league.

I was first introduced to this great sport by a coworker nearly 2 years ago . I've always enjoyed racquet and paddle sports (tennis, ping pong, racquetball and badminton), so I had a feeling I would probably like pickleball... I just didn't know I'd enjoy it this much!

What inspired you to create a pickleball meetup?

I had joined a few hiking Meetup groups to see what the service was all about. Meetup has the great ability to bring people together to enjoy an activity. Or better yet, it's a way to find out about interesting events and meet new faces.

I created this group because it didn't exist. I also wanted to bring the excitement I first felt to others. And (selfishly) I was having troubles finding players to hit with.

How did you go about securing the courts for your group? 

I literally ran across the International School Pickleball courts in Bellevue by accident. I was jogging one day from work to the Kelsey Creek area, and low and behold, legit pickleball courts... 6 of them! I then called the school and discovered that with a small fee and by signing a waiver, I could get key access to the courts.

Playing a game at the meetup Playing a game at the meetup

How many people showed up and did they already know how to play pickleball? 

There have been 2 meetups so far and I would consider both a success! 14 people excitedly showed up for the first; 9 for the second. A good majority of the people were newbies, but they did have some background in tennis or some other paddle/racquet sport. Others had been playing for years.

Did the beginners take to the game quickly? Was everyone welcoming?

Pickleball is very accommodating for beginners. With a few adjustments (ball doesn't bounce very high, the feel of the paddle and ball, court dimensions, etc), people catch on very easily and have a great time playing. Everyone was extremely nice and welcoming, making it even easier for those who had never played before.

Do you have any pending times/dates for future meetups?

Yes! Our next session is going to be in Renton on Talbot Hill this Sunday (6/26) from 3:30 - 6:30pm. Click here to RSVP. There are many players who would love to play weekly and I'm trying to spread the reach throughout the region. For more information and to join the Meetup group, check out Puget Sound Pickleball.


Another thanks to Boyd for sharing his success with us, and best of luck to the new pickleball group! Be sure to say hi and join up if you're in the area.