Alison Fulton, Gold Medalist - Pickleball in Scotland

by elizaled on Mar 6, 2015

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We are always glad to hear about international pickleball group start-ups.  Anna interviewed Pickleball Pro Alison Fulton, and she tells you right away where she's from!  Enjoy!
Alison: Hi, I’m Alison Fulton, from Scotland.

Anna: Great, and Alison, so we’re at the USAPA National Pickleball Tournament and you have a medal around your neck.

Alison: Yes, it’s a gold medal for the 55 and over Ladies Doubles so I’m … after that.

Anna: Great, and who was your partner in that?

Alison: Denise Boutin, from The Villages in Florida.

Anna: Great. So you’re from Scotland.

Alison: Yup.

Anna: And you’re playing in the United States Pickleball Association National Tournament. Tell us the story about how you got into pickleball.

Well, my mom lives in The Villages, so I go over and visit her on vacation and things and then I just spent more and more time there playing some pickleball and Denise asked me to play a couple of years ago so we’ve been playing some tournaments in the last two or three years, which has been great fun.

Anna:  Great and is pickleball only played in, I mean, is there any pickleball in Scotland?

Alison:  We’ve just started a group. We’ve got three or four groups going in the last year. And it’s taking off. Everyone is really enjoying it and having great fun.

Anna:  And where in Scotland are you from?

Alison: Glasgow.  Glasgow, the biggest city in Scotland.

Anna: Great.