Armour Pickleball Wristband

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Soft and absorbent terry cloth wristbands from Armour. Available in black or white. One size. Package includes one wristband.

Armour Pickleball Wristband

The Armour Pickleball Wristband is not only a stylish accessory but it will perform its function of keeping your hands sweat-free so your paddle doesn't slip away during games. The soft, towel-like material absorbs moisture that would normally travel to your palms for stress-free play. If you don't like wearing headbands you can use it to wipe sweat away from your face as well.

The Armour Pickleball Wristband comes in one size since it can stretch to fit the wrist of any player. It has a single color background with the Armour logo in the center. The logo shows a 3-line pattern in the middle of a segmented circle.

The Armour Pickleball Wristband will provide convenient comfort and peace of mind during play. Choose from black or white. Price is for one wristband.


Armour Pickleball Wristband Technical Specifications
Embroidered Logo
One Size