adidas PROTOUR 3.2 Pickleball Backpack

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Extra-large tour bag that makes a living on keeping your paddles protected from the elements, shoes separate from gear, and your hands free.

adidas PROTOUR 3.2 Pickleball Backpack

At this point your gear closet is overrun with paddles, shoes, and accessories, luckily the adidas PROTOUR 3.2 Pickleball Backpack has a space for all of them. This oversized backpack boasts a durable polyester fabric with thermal insulation and water-repellent fabric over both paddle pockets to keep your trusty weapons in tiptop shape. These two large paddle pockets hold up to 11 paddles so that you can keep your whole quiver organized.

Along with the dual protected paddle pockets, the PROTOUR 3.2 Pickleball Backpack offers a large main compartment and four small external pockets. The main pocket is a great spot for a jacket, while your stinky shoes stay separate in a well-ventilated compartment. Finally, rolls of tape, keys, and wallets fit snugly in the exterior pockets.

The PROTOUR 3.2 Pickleball Backpack from adidas allows you to carry everything you could possibly need on your back while you head to a big tournament or day with friends.


adidas PROTOUR 3.2 Pickleball Backpack Technical Information
100% Polyester
2 Thermally Insulated and Water Repellent Paddle Pockets
Ventilated Sneaker Pocket
4 Accessory Pockets
Padded Backpack Straps
21.7 x 16.9 x 11.8in (55 x 43 x 30cm)