Where to Host Pickleball Events Indoors

by laurapbc on Jan 16, 2019

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It can be tough to organize pickleball events, especially in the midst of winter. Chilly players are not the only issue. You might be forced to cancel an event if heavy rain or snow decides to make an unfortunate appearance.

If you're concerned that weather could be an issue, then you may want to consider indoor venues to avoid trouble entirely. To get started, we'll give you some ideas below.


High schools and college campuses can be quite large and have plenty of space that might go unused, particularly during their teams’ off-season. Look to see if any of your local schools offer facility rentals. Remember that schools also give students a couple weeks off for winter break, so you may be able to coordinate your event around their least busy dates.

If the school already has a gym then that's a plus, as the flooring will be suitable for pickleball. You might be able to get away with areas that are not typically intended for sports such as larger classrooms or studios if the flooring isn't carpeted.

gymnasium (Credit: shelmac)


You certainly don’t want to attempt playing among the pews, however some churches have larger basements that they may use for more casual gatherings or activities. When they’re not in use, you may be able to have your pickleball gathering there.

Community Centers

Places like YMCAs and other multi-use buildings are usually the first locations people consider for tournaments, but the downside is that these places are often very busy juggling their normal schedules.

If a location’s primary purpose is to host different sports and activities, then it stands to reason that they’d have their spaces booked most of the time. You don’t have to write them off completely, but it may be more difficult to find an open time compared to other options.

In any venue you select, be sure to check with your hosts about what type of temporary markings you should use. Some flooring may be more susceptible to discoloration than others, and you don’t want to leave a layer of sticky adhesive behind after your games. Unless of course you’re lucky enough to secure a place that has pickleball courts already established!

We also recommend choosing a location where the ceilings aren't too low—not only can this be frustrating if you hit a lob and it ends up making contact with another surface, but lighting that's too close to the action can result in game-affecting glare or damaged property.

We rent out our indoor courts at Pickleball Station, so if you’re ever in the WA area and want to host an event complete with multiple courts, a connected pro shop and supportive staff, we’d be happy to help you get started.

Have you run an indoor tournament or event before? Which venue did you decide to use and how well did it work? Let us know in the comments.