The Most Stylish Pickleball Paddles of 2018

by laurapbc on Dec 29, 2018

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We're reaching the end of the year with just enough time to list some of the most attractive paddles of 2018! Many manufacturers released some very unique shapes and looks over the past few months, and several classics were redesigned to offer a more modern appearance.

Skill is obviously the most important part of the game, but if you want to set yourself apart with something that looks great as well, take a look at our top picks. (We're cheating a little bit and including multiple paddles within the same lines, but there are some individual standouts as well.)

Covert by ProLite

Covert by ProLite

The spiritual successor to the previously released and subsequently unapproved Apex Paddle, the Covert has a certain rugged charm to it, but it's not only a pretty face. Its SPINtac surface helps the paddle grip pickleballs with every hit to help you curl them away from other players.

The background of this paddle simulates asphalt, ProLite cleverly worked their lightning bolt logo into the upper right corner and the pops of color are just enough to prevent the design from feeling dreary.

Margaritaville Paddles

Margaritaville Paddles

Florida is a hotbed of pickleball activity for a reason, but few paddles managed to capture the laid-back charm of this (and other tropical) areas until the Margaritaville line was released.

Using designs and quotes inspired by singer Jimmy Buffett, these are the perfect paddles to put you in the mood for fun in the sun. You can keep it cool with some of the breezier images or show off your competitive side with the 'Fins' design.

Xtreme Paddles by HEAD

Xtreme Paddles

It was tough choosing between HEAD's Xtreme and Radical lines, but in the end we decided on the Xtreme designs due to their clean and futuristic appearance. The highly defined edges contribute to their aerodynamic play in addition to simply looking cool.

We appreciate how HEAD's logo draws your attention, yet it also seamlessly integrates with the rest of the paddles' structure. These paddles look exactly like the precise instruments they are.

Spectrum Paddles by Prince

Prince Spectrum Pro Paddles
The Spectrum and Spectrum Pro Paddles are groundbreaking due to their highly circular design, resulting in a sweet spot that just about spans the entirety of the paddle. But just look at those colors and the clever layering of patterns over the face.

The use of honeycomb isn't foreign to paddles, but slowly fading it into more angular shapes and curves keeps this look interesting. Prince's 'p' logo is front and center yet doesn't feel out of place thanks to the complementary shades used to fill it in.



The original Razor Paddle was released in 2017, but GAMMA was forced to slightly redesign and rename it minus a few vowels due to copyright issues. We don't mind, because that means we get to include this beauty on our current list!

Everything about this design feels classy yet eye-catching. We love the dark backgrounds, smoky splashes of color and elegant GAMMA logo. Even the grips take things to the next level by integrating matching glimpses of color in the material..


Of course, taste is subjective and we know there are many other beautiful paddles being used on the courts! Which paddles do you admire the most, either from this past year or earlier releases?