Sky Valley Pickleball Club/Resort Opening More Courts This Fall

by laurapbc on May 11, 2018

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Spring and summer are still ahead of us, but for those who like planning ahead, we have news of a beautiful CA resort that will be opening up more pickleball courts on their property this fall.

Sky Valley

Sky Valley Resort is a lovely vacation spot that's located only minutes from Palm Springs. It currently has four pickleball courts and over 70 local players of various skill levels that keep games rolling throughout the day. Four more courts will be added later this year, and lessons and clinics are offered year round.

In addition to pickleball, Sky Valley has an onsite restaurant and fourteen natural mineral pools which supply hot water to the resort's pools and tubs. Enjoy a daily spa ritual or add to your health regimen with a variety of water exercise classes.

Sky Valley Pickleball

Other offerings include zumba, yoga, art lessons, shuffleboard and pool hall sports. Accommodations can be provided in the form of furnished homes for rent, or you can bring your own RV if you're already prepped for travel.

Give Sky Valley a look if you want a quiet and beautiful place to play pickleball and enjoy soothing springs.