Poach Advantage Features 6-Layered Skin for Control at Every Speed

by laurapbc on Jan 24, 2018

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It’s not always true that “more is better,” but in the case of Engage’s Poach Advantage, it took 6 layers to get the face just right. This paddle’s proprietary skin has a similar thickness to other 1 or 2-layer paddles, yet it combines materials in just the right way to maximize ball responsiveness.

It also uses an entirely new “Control Pro Black” core which causes pickleballs to react differently depending on the speed of your swing. With this pairing of touch and control, players are free to concentrate on high level strategy and split-second decision making.

Some of the best players in the world such as Corrine Carr and Ben Johns have already made the switch to the Poach Advantage. Will it give you an edge as well?

Corrine Carr with the Poach Advantage Corrine Carr with the Poach Advantage

Adaptable 'Control Pro Black' Core

When Engage set out to make the Poach Advantage, they decided to innovate inside and out. The paddle’s unique core is made from polymer, yet instead of having a typical transparent design, its chemical composition caused the material to turn black (hence the “Control Pro Black” name).

The core pairs perfectly with its skin technology by providing varied reactions depending on the speed of play. While working the net game, the Poach Advantage “holds” the ball longer to allow for precise placement during slower hits, but it offers ample deflection and power when going for put-away shots.

The result is a paddle that feels finely tuned for any situation and adapts to your play style as the situation dictates.

6-Layer Surface Skin

The 6 layers on the Advantage’s surface were combined to improve responsiveness while giving the paddle an extremely soft feel. If you have concerns about pickleball elbow or simply don’t want to stress your joints during play, the Advantage will keep you protected so you can continue enjoying your time on the courts.

This gentle touch also results in the Advantage passing noise requirements in many community living scenarios. Regardless of where your local court resides, you'll be free to practice drills or enjoy an early morning game without disturbing neighbors.

Ben Johns with the Poach Advantage Ben Johns with the Poach Advantage

The paddle's surface has a subtle texture that runs top to bottom and creates additional ball rotation for smoother plays. The texture falls within USAPA roughness limits so you can take the Advantage to tournaments. Its 5” long handle that will accommodate most players’ hands.

The Poach Advantage is one of the only pieces of equipment that has completely renovated paddle design. Put its responsive nature to the test with our 30-day return policy to feel how much it can help hone your game.