Onix Fuse Pickleballs Offer Soft Touch with Tournament-Approved Bounce

by laurapbc on Feb 28, 2018

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The Onix Fuse Pickleballs have finally arrived!

After the release of the Pure 2 Balls, many players were eager to see Onix create a similar product that could be used for USAPA-approved tournaments in addition to recreational play.

That time has finally arrived. The Fuse Balls are fully approved for tournament use while maintaining the gentle touch of the Pure 2 Balls. They optimize play thanks to their superior balance and true flight.

Onix Fuse Pickleballs

The Fuse Balls have a great rebound and resist wind thanks to their smaller hole size, making them a perfect option for both indoor and outdoor play.

A few notable differences between these balls and the Pure 2s are their bounce height and construction. The Fuse Balls bounce lower than Pure 2 Balls so they can properly adhere to USAPA guidelines.

They're made via a two piece injection-mold process just like the Pure 2s and Jugs. However, Fuse durability is more in line with that of rotationally-molded balls like the Dura or TOP.

Despite this, they are constructed with powerful seam welding so they resist splitting and will maintain their structure for as long as possible.

Early feedback has already been very positive, and if you've been looking for a softer ball that will still allow you to prep for official tournaments, the Fuse is the perfect solution.

Currently the balls only come in yellow, but the color is visible in just about all lighting conditions and should be easy to see regardless of your court's color. They are being offered in 3, 6 and 12 packs.

Players will not need to condition these balls or worry about taking any additional steps to get them prepped for play. Simply open the box and they're good to go!

Grab your first pack of Fuse Pickleballs at PickleballCentral and start enjoying the improved feel, consistency and bounce for yourself!