It Takes a Thousand Hours

by glenepeterson on May 12, 2017

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Malcolm Gladwell convinced us that 10,000 hours of practice leads to greatness. Do the math. Many of us don't have 10,000 hours of pickleball left! That's twenty hours per week for ten years. Plus, while my skills are improving, my body seems to be declining... slowly, I hope.

Clock Credit: Kylesteed

But one thousand hours is a reasonable goal. I have probably logged about 1,000 hours.

My pickleball journey is a long series of plateaus. Advancements came quickly at first, than much more slowly. But my comfort level with the soft game and in nearly all other aspects of this quirky sport is high after 1,000 hours of play.

Hitting third shots and kitchen dinks, for example, simply takes practice for most of us. Doing this in a competitive situation where there is some pressure might accelerate the learning curve.

Notebook Keep track of progress! (Credit: CeresB)

Start logging your hours and see whether you agree that, at the 1,000 hour mark, you have reached a level of pickleball play that is quite enjoyable. Hey, that's still a lot of pickleball!

In doing so, you may find you've also reached a new fitness level and developed a few new friends.