How to Stay Cool Playing Pickleball

by laurapbc on Apr 27, 2018

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As the weather starts to warm up, it’s no joke that overheating can become a serious issue while playing pickleball.

Aside from staying hydrating and taking breaks as needed, there are a few other ways you can enjoy the sunshine without letting the weather interfere with your health or play.

The following are a few products we offer at PickleballCentral that can help:

Rover and Trekky

Rover and Trekky Water Flask

These water bottles are made with BPA-free stainless steel that helps keep your water nice and cool for hours so you’ll have a refreshing drink whenever you get a break in the action. The flip-straw lid makes your drink easy to access without accidental spills.

GAMMA Tacky Towel

GAMMA Tacky Towel

This unique cloth is made with beeswax to help keep your grip firmly on your paddle regardless of sweat. Instead of having to wear hot and uncomfortable gloves, you can simply rub this towel on your hands to improve stability. It doesn’t leave sticky residue or discoloration, so it’s perfect even for the pickiest pickler.

Chilly Pad

Chilly Pad Cooling Towel

These chilly towels are unique in that they’re made with an ultra evaporative material. Unlike regular towels that get heavy (and let’s just say “aromatic”) with use, these maintain a cool and dry feel. Just apply water for a soothing burst of relief or to wipe away sweat. Better still, they're eco-friendly and reusable so you can put them to work all summer.

USAPA Racer Hat

USAPA Racer Hat

We have a number of effective hats and visors at PBC, but the USAPA Racer Hat is one of the best choices during hot weather thanks to its mesh backing. Your head stays protected from direct contact with the sun’s rays, yet it has plenty of breathable material to allow for airflow.

The soft, lightweight fabric makes it feel like it's barely there, which is a plus when the humidity is present in full force!

Do you have any favorite products or methods for keeping cool during pickleball? Let us know how you beat the heat!