How to Help Friends Get Started Playing Pickleball

by laurapbc on Jan 18, 2019

How to Help Friends Get Started Playing Pickleball

Pickleball is a fairly simple sport, when you're tasked with introducing it to others, it can be tough finding the right words to explain everything. If you're not in the middle of a court with equipment at hand, then it makes it all the more difficult to help others visualize the game.

If people keep asking you, 'What is pickleball?' and you find yourself stumbling over the words 'dink,' 'kitchen' and 'pickles' to the dismay of your confused listeners, we're here to help!

We've put together a simple PDF brochure for anyone interested in the basics of pickleball. It serves as a simple primer and will introduce the game to complete newbies in under 5 minutes. It explains what pickleball is, what equipment is needed to start playing, where to find courts and how to get a copy of the rules.

what is pickleball Click to download the 'What Is Pickleball' PDF

You can either send interested parties the PDF directly or link them to this page.

For easy reference, the links included in the brochure are: - For players' equipment needs

Finding your first Paddle - A blog post with tips to find the right paddle for you

Why Wear a Pickleball Shoe - A blog post helping you pick the best footwear for the sport - To download the official rulebook - To find local courts

We also recommend's 'How to Play Pickleball' page for a more succinct summary of the rules. Think of it as a 'Quick Start' guide.

The USAPA has a Basic Rules Summary that also sums things up in an easier way, and includes the following video if your soon-to-be picklers are visual learners:

We also like this video from for those who'd like to see people in action while learning the necessities:

Of course, it's always easiest to learn the game by actually playing it with a more experienced pickler. We recommend newbies ask at local clubs if they'd be willing to teach you the sport but the best thing is to just get out there and have some fun! We hope these resources provided can get you started and if you have anymore questions we would love to help.

Do you have any additional resources you use to inform beginners about the game? What do you find is the easiest way to explain pickleball to the uninitiated?