HEAD Shoes Offer Optimal Styles for Every Type of Court and Player

by laurapbc on Jul 18, 2018

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It used to be that many players relied on tennis or volleyball shoes for pickleball, but at long last there are finally shoes dedicated purely to pickleball. It's not 'one size fits all' either—depending on whether you play outdoors or indoors, prefer durability or speed, there's an option available for you!

HEAD provides paddles such as the Xtreme and Radical, but their strong background in developing gear for other racquet sports has led to this reliable footwear. They've expanded their offerings to include three types of shoes that are adaptable to the various court types you may find yourself playing on and how much support you crave.

HEAD Shoes HEAD Shoes (available in various colors)

The options available are called the HEAD Revolt Pro 2.5, HEAD Sprint Pro 2.0 and Revolt Indoor Court Shoe.

Tri-NRG System

The Revolt and Sprint Pro both use a design approach referred to as the Tri-NRG system. This includes:

Neutralizing, shock-absorbent properties

Rigidity from TPU shanks (supportive structure) to prevent rolled ankles

Generation of rebound from breathable, cushioned EVA (rubber-like) material

These shoes average around a weight of 12-14 oz and incorporate breathable materials into their design to allow for airflow and comfortable wear throughout games.

The Indoor Court Shoes include an:

Energy Frame which provides structural support, durability and reinforcements that protect the foot.

All the shoe types use a “Hybrasion” (high-abrasion) rubber formula which helps to prevent the breakdown of soles in high-stress areas. The herringbone tread pattern helps grip the floor, making them highly durable and slip resistant on any surface.

So how do you know which shoe is right for you?

Sprint Pro 2.0 Sole Sprint Pro 2.0 sole with vents

HEAD Shoe Differences

There are a few primary differences between the three designs which may help you decide.

To start with the two outdoor options, the Revolt Pro 2.5 is an extremely durable and stable shoe with a bit of a wider fit. It's ideal for players looking for a long-lasting shoe that will support their feet during every type of movement. It averages 13.7 oz in the men's sizes and 12.4 oz in the women's.

The Sprint Pro 2.0 is a lighter option that keeps the feet lower to the ground for quicker movements. The narrow fit creates a more form-fitting feel which supports a performance-based design that feels 'locked in' during play. It weights approximately 12.9 oz in men's sizes and 11.7 oz in women's.

Overall, both shoes provide excellent support, comfort and style, but the Revolt Pro 2.5 a slightly better option for those who want maximum hardiness and stability, where the Sprint Pro 2.0 has a fitted feel that's more suitable to consistent, fast movement.

These shoes have a fairly tough tread and come with a unique feature underneath the insole: a venting 'sticker' that can be removed to allow for more airflow through the shoes, increasing their cooling capacity.

The Indoor Court Shoes are, of course, the best option if you need shoes that will grip wooden surfaces. The tread on these shoes is slightly stickier/softer than their outdoor counterparts to accommodate the slicker surface.

HEAD's indoor option prevents slippage and has a high arch, making them an excellent choice for those wanting more support. They have a particularly thin mesh covering on the outside that makes them an extremely breathable choice.

They also happen to be the most light weight shoe offered by HEAD, averaging 11.8 oz.

HEAD Warranty

HEAD shoes come with a limited manufacturer’s warranty for defective material and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase. This includes problems like the laces ripping or an improperly sewn tongue.

In addition, for the Revolt Pro 2.5 specifically, there is a 6-month outsole durability warranty to cover holes in the bottom of the shoe from standard court wear.

HEAD Shoe Warranty

To make sure you get the ideal fit, we recommend checking each product listing to see if you should size up or down depending on foot width.  You can try out these incredible shoes for yourself and experience how they can support your play by heading over to PickleballCentral store. We offer 30-day returns on unworn products (trying the shoes on for fit is acceptable!) so that you can ensure the right match.