GAMMA’s Dart Hits the Mark with Its Low Cost and Precision Placement

by laurapbc on Feb 22, 2019

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GAMMA’s Dart Paddle has reached our shelves and with its price efficient yet high quality features it’s already winning admirers. The clean black and yellow design stands out with its sleek looks, but what does it have to offer when it comes to play?

We connected with GAMMA to better understand the Dart’s best qualities and share what makes it a great buy.

Tennis-Style Grip

GAMMA knows that many pickleball players are entering the game from other racquet sports like tennis. To try and recreate a familiar feel in their equipment, GAMMA gave the Dart’s handle angular edges and used a gel-textured grip to create traction without feeling overly sticky. It provides just enough cushioning and draws sweat away from your skin.

The result is a firm hand-paddle connection that won’t slip or waver during play. It also looks just as polished as it feels thanks to the matching bee-like colors that mirror the face.

Adaptable Weight and Texture

The GAMMA Dart is a trim 7.4 oz which lends itself to easy maneuverability and control, but it’s not so light that you can’t add power when needed. The composite face is the same used in the GAMMA Mirage and Pin paddles, which offers a light texture for added spin.

Davon Martin with the Dart Davon Martin with the Dart

GAMMA-represented player Davon Martin (4.5) shares that, “The texture… is perfect. It allows you to achieve really good under spin when slicing and awesome top spin when rolling the ball corner to corner or down the baselines.” The company adds, “The Dart’s composite face allows for the extra punch needed for groundstrokes and smashes.”

Touch-Centric Feel

The Dart uses a polyester core which is suitable for a broad spectrum of players. GAMMA mentions that many of their pros took to the paddle quickly at Nationals and appreciated its speed and pop. The face shape isn’t especially rounded so that picklers can use that extra bit of surface space along the edges to return difficult shots when required.

Davon adds, “The paddle hits exceptionally well... the Dart allows you to generate more power with less effort. Ground strokes came naturally with the DART, and I could really lay into my back hand from the base line when I need to. The DART offers lots of touch, which helps to keep balls low, to redirect shots, and with blocking and handling dinks.”

Davon Martin and the Dart Davon Martin and the Dart

At only $69.99, the Dart offers a lot of value at a reasonable price point. If you’re looking for a paddle that’s versatile enough to support both slams and dinks, with a quick speed and gentle touch, it might be the right choice for you.

Take a look at the GAMMA Dart for yourself and see if it hits the bullseye for your pickleball needs!