Footwear TechTalk with Babolat

by karenthomaspbc on Aug 23, 2022

Footwear TechTalk with Babolat

Babolat Footwear at Pickleball Central
Babolat Footwear at Pickleball Central

Babolat invented tennis racquet strings in the year 1875. Ever since, they have enjoyed a slow, steady march toward racquet sports dominance through innovation and strategic player endorsements. Babolat entered the pickleball world a few years with a solid lineup of pickleball paddles, and their court shoes are seen with increasing frequency on the pickleball court, appreciated by many pro players and amateurs alike for their well-designed features, durability and style. We recently chatted with Rose Jones from Babolat to learn more about Babolat footwear.

Babolat comes to pickleball with a strong background in tennis, a sport played on mostly the same surface as pickleball. How far back does Babolat’s history with footwear go?

In 2004, Babolat partnered with Michelin to produce court specific footwear.

Babolat Pickleball Shoes

Babolat Pickleball Shoes

What separates Babolat footwear from other brands in the market?

Babolat has a long history in the sport of tennis (we are 147 years old) and looking at the needs of tennis players from strings and racquets to shoes. As we have evolved into other racquet sports such as badminton and padel, we’ve taken that same detailed approached in designing footwear for those sports as well. With our entry into pickleball, we see pickleball players’ needs for lateral support, durability and comfort.

Also our partnership with Michelin provides not only long-lasting outsoles, but also specific sculptures (tread design) to meet the demands of the side-to-side and quick stop-and-go movement of pickleball.

What are the main differences between models of Babolat shoes?

Propulse Fury – long lasting durability and support

  • Six-month outsole wear guarantee with Michelin DIN20 rubber with optimized cell outsole
  • KPRS-X midsole offers shock dampening and comfort
  • 360 sock liner providing less friction as you move around
  • Power Belt wraps around the midfoot offering exceptional lateral support

Propulse Blast – more affordable version of the Propulse Fury

  • Built on the same last as the Propulse Fury and features Active Flexion technology to address the nine key pressure points of the foot for maximum responsiveness

Jet Mach 3 – the ultimate weapon for players seeking more precision and agility

  • Light weight  (11.5 oz / 325 gm)
  • Michelin-designed outsole offers increased thickness in key wear areas without adding weight, and the outsole pattern is designed for the specific movements of tennis and pickleball
  • KPRS-X midsole cushioning
  • Matryyx Evo upper – this specialty fabric is a unique weave of Aramid and Polyamid fibers that mold to your foot, offering optimal balance between comfort, support and durability
  • Available in wide EE wide

Jet Tere –  Tere is Maori for “speed”

  • Light weight (11.5 oz / 325 gm)
  • Michelin Premium technology reduces wear and tear from tennis and pickleball movement
  • KPR-X cushioned midsole
  • Soft breathable mesh upper for step-in comfort

SFX-3 – the ultimate comfort shoe with a wide roomy fit

  • Michelin outsole with Active Flexion for maximum responsiveness in nine key pressure points on the foot
  • Multi-layered Ergo Motion insoles for slipper-like comfort
  • Upper is a light breathable mesh with one-piece side wall for lateral stability

We see so many pro players sporting Babolat shoes! Why is there so much love for Babolat footwear on the pro tours?

Pro players look for speed and agility. The Jet Mach 3 which is our most advanced shoe offers that. It’s very light, the upper of the shoe molds to the foot for a precise fit, and the outsole is designed for the quick cuts and stops of pro players.

Which Babolat shoe is the best for durability? What about comfort?  

For durability the Propulse Fury is the best; it has the thickest Michelin rubber outsole. We’re so confident in the outsole durability that we offer a six-month wear guarantee. For comfort, the SFX3 with its memory foam insole is a great choice. This is an E width shoe with a roomy toe box.

How often can we expect to see updates made to Babolat shoes?

We have two drops a year with color updates. We try to balance offering new models while continuing to stock our best-selling shoes that players can count on to be in stock.

What’s the next updated model we can expect to see debut?

For 2023, we will debut an all new Propulse Fury. It will be a sleeker version with the same durability as the current Propulse Fury.

Where are Babolat shoes designed?

All of our shoes are designed in France.

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