Blacklight Pickleball - Do You See an Opportunity?

by laurapbc on Jan 23, 2019

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Here's an idea that could give your game a 'glow up' when you want to try something new: blacklight pickleball.

Nothing to see but glimpses of picklers, some neon accessories and a shining pickleball. Want to give it a go? This idea was shared by Kevin Huff in the Pickleball Forum Facebook group. Take a look at how it plays out below!

Kevin explains that his group rented a commercial black light from a local company and then added a few of their own 48” bulbs in mobile fluorescent light fixtures. They used Gamma Photon Indoor Pickleballs which naturally showed up in the blacklight.

In order to make the lines more visible, they added white tape on top of what was already present and then removed them after use. The actual location used was Bethany Christian Church in Anderson, Indiana.

Maybe it's time for us to raid some local party stores for glow sticks and bracelets? This looks like a fun and relatively straightforward way to add more of a party atmosphere to your games. Try it out for a special event or just for fun.

According to the players there was some concern about visibility (mainly regarding bumping into fellow picklers), but they were able to play without trouble. Even so, we recommend those who don't have the best coordination to be extra careful and avoid anything that limits environmental awareness like this.

Have you ever held a pickleball event with an unusual twist like this? We've heard of costumed tournaments before and courts on cruise ships, but not much has transformed the actual courts like this. We'd love to hear your experiences!