2nd Annual Folsom Breakout Pickleball Tournament

by pickleballfun on Jul 27, 2016

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Johnny Cash wrote 'Folsom Prison Blues', but they weren't singing the blues at the 2nd Annual Folsom Breakout Pickleball Tournament.  Here's some of their story.  Enjoy!

Folsom Pickleball The only Public Indoor Facility in Sacramento County with 7 Pickleball Courts.

Derik Perez is a USAPA Pickleball Ambassador for the Sacramento Region.  He shares here about the Folsom Breakout tournament held last December:

'Since Folsom is known for “Folsom Prison” I thought it would be fun to incorporate that into the name of my first Pickleball Tournament I was going to host.  So I came up with “Folsom Breakout Pickleball Tournament”.  Our marketing staff created the logo with a pickleball and chain.  Just like the old ball and chain notorious for prisoners.  I wanted to provide a fun and friendly format for the tournament so I elected to go with Round Robin.  I wanted to give our customers and players more bang for their buck

'We completed our 2nd Annual Folsom Breakout Pickleball Tournament last December.  It was a huge success!  The 1st Breakout Tournament had 16 teams and 32 players for a 1-day tournament.  This year we had 70 teams and 140 players over the course of 3 days: Women's Doubles were on Thursday, Mixed Doubles happened on Friday and Men's Doubles on Saturday.  It was a round-robin format and everyone seemed to enjoy that!

'The cost was $25 per person and $15 for an additional event.  T-shirts and swag bags were provided.  We provided breakfast and lunch to all participants.  We partnered with the Folsom Tourism Bureau and they provided a goodie bag for the players staying at the hotel.

'We had teams participating from all over Northern California, and we anticipate that this tournament will only get bigger.  We now have 7 indoor courts!  And we've grown our email distribution list for the Folsom Sports Complex from 5 to 350 in just one year.'

Congratulations to Derik and all the Folsom Breakout participants! It goes to show how powerful pickleball's allure is.