Wilson TRU 32 Outdoor Pickleballs

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This outdoor pickleball from Wilson features a patented 32-hole design to ensure true and consistent flight. Choose from 3, 6 or 12 ball quantities.

Wilson TRU 32 Outdoor Pickleball

The Wilson TRU 32 Outdoor Pickleball is centered around precision and reliability on the courts. Two unique characteristics offer highly consistent play: the patented 32-hole design and ball composition. The Wilson TRU 32 32-hole pattern sets an exciting new standard in both ball bounce and flight consistency. Fewer holes that are evenly spaced creates more consistent bounce off the court and the paddle surface. The evenly distributed holes allows the TRU 32 to rotate on any axis with more consistency, resulting in less wobble through the air.

The Wilson TRU 32 Outdoor Pickleball is injection-molded to offer ideal wall thickness and high durability. They are manufactured in the USA and extensively tested by Wilson to ensure excellent quality and performance. Their bright color makes them easy to keep in sight and they are fully approved for official USAPA competitions.

The Wilson TRU 32 Outdoor Pickleball plays with the same great reactivity, strength and bounce game after game so you can focus on your play rather than wondering if a ball will go out of round.

  • Remarkable flight and bounce consistency
  • Extreme durability
  • Player preferred finish and texture
  • Injection-molded to maintain best wall thickness and consistency from ball to ball
  • Carefully developed through smart engineering and extensive testing at Wilson Innovation Lab
  • Made in the USA

Reviews of the Wilson TRU 32 Outdoor Pickleball by PickleballCentral Staff:

"The Wilson TRU 32 Pickleball checks all the boxes when it comes to ball quality and consistency of play. I found it to be excellent in terms of bounce consistency, retaining its out-of-the-box feel for the tested life of the ball. In play tests the ball performed well with an accurate and predictable flight pattern without ‘wobble’ in the air, indicating that this ball does very well in terms of retaining its shape even after hard smashes. These aspects of the ball (play consistency and reliability) are heavily promoted by the manufacturer and bear out in play. We also found the ball to be quite durable. In terms of performance and playability this ball is fairly forgiving. With a softer feel, it doesn’t come off the paddle quite as fast as leading competition balls – something mid-level, beginner and rec. players will likely appreciate. Bounce height is well within USAPA specs allowing for fun and strategic dink rallys at the net. The bright color and luxe feel of the lightly textured surface right out of the box are both nice and make the ball easy to see. The Wilson TRU 32 Ball strikes a nice balance in performance and feel between the softer and higher bounce recreational balls and the harder, faster 'pro' style tournament focused balls."
Jimmy, Product Manager (3.5 Player)


Wilson TRU 32 Outdoor Pickleball Technical Specifications
Size: 2.902 inches
Weight: 26 grams
Rebound: 33 inches (from 75" drop)
32 holes
Available in neon
Injection molded construction
Made in USA
Approved by USAPA for competitive play

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  • Wilson pro 32

    May 9, 2023

    These just keep on truckin'. Cold weather-no peoblem. Other brands cracking left and right in cool weather, not these.

    Garry Endres

  • Pickleball Product Review

    Sep 8, 2022

    Ana Del Valle

  • Ball

    Jun 16, 2022

    Great outdoor all weather ball.

    scott willms

  • Wilson Tru 32

    Apr 29, 2022

    Purchased 3 dozen Wilson Tru 32 balls for our group June 2021. Happy to say still have these 3 dozen in play April 2022. Played thruoughout the winter in temperatures in the mid 30s without issue. Based on reviews introuduced 3 x40 and 3 core balls to the group. The group preferred playing with the Wilson Tru 32. Worth the $$.

    William Lightle

  • 💪

    Feb 22, 2022


    Carlos Garabelli