VANGUARD 2.0 Invikta Paddle

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An elongated 16-1/2" paddle with a correspondingly long'ish handle, surface textured for spin, and evenly-reactive carbon fiber face.

Light-Midweight/Medium Grip

VANGUARD 2.0 Hybrid Invikta Paddle

The VANGUARD Hybrid 2.0 Invikta Paddle gives players the elongated style they love in a new and even more dynamic design. This model is made using highly reactive quantum carbon fiber as the face material, which creates a Gen2 surface optimized for durability with wear-resistant construction. A new Pro-Spin texture adds even more opportunity to grip pickleballs and create unexpected shots when your opponents least expect it. The paddle's shape is perfect for ensuring follow-through in your swings and placing better drop shots.

The VANGUARD 2.0 Invikta Paddle is offered in both a light weight range from 7.4 - 7.8 oz., and a midweight range from 7.7 - 8.2 oz. Its overall length is 16-1/2", which makes it a perfect choice for full-court defense and those who like or need plenty of reach. The 5-1/4" long handle is 4-1/4" in circumference and is a bit longer than average, allowing room for double-handed backhands so you can change up your strikes. Finally, it features a 5/8" thick X5 honeycomb polymer core which minimizes impact vibrations and keeps every stroke feeling smooth and controlled.

The VANGUARD Hybrid 2.0 Invikta Pickleball Paddle from Selkirk can truly do it all, and will comfortably expand your court coverage while bolstering your skills.

Actual grip sizes may vary up to 1/8".


VANGUARD Hybrid 2.0 Invikta Paddle Technical Specifications
Lightweight Range: 7.4 - 7.8 ounces
Midweight Range: 7.7 - 8.2 ounces
Grip Circumference: 4 1/4" (Medium) Actual grip sizes may vary up to 1/8"
Grip Style: Selkirk Geo Grip
Grip Manufacturer: Selkirk Sport
Handle Length: 5 1/4"
Paddle Length: 16 1/2"
Paddle Width: 7 3/8"
Paddle Face: QuadCarbon (cross-weave carbon fiber) with Pro-Spin Texture and Gen2 Durable Surface
Core Material: X5 Polymer Honeycomb
Core Thickness: 5/8" (0.625")
Edge Guard: Low Profile EdgeSentry Guard
Manufacturer: Selkirk Sport
Made in USA

Reviews ()

  • Durability in Question

    Feb 25, 2023

    Dead spots forming after only 4 months of use. Sweet spot was never particularly large and seems to be getting smaller over time. Nice paddle for dinks, drops and defensive net play, but considerable power loss for hard drives. Expected more from a paddle at this price point. Back to my much older ProKennex for now.


  • Vanguard 2.0 Invikta

    Feb 19, 2023

    I have only played with this pattle a couple of times, but love it. It plays like my old Vanguard Invikta with some nice improvements. The surface is rougher and the spin it can deliver is excellent. It also appears that the finish will be a little more durable than the old model.


  • vanguard 2.0 invikta regal

    Jan 21, 2023

    Very solid feel. Not as "hot" as some. Midweight 8.0 is noticeably "softer" that my other Invikta 8.2. Surface is more durable, no chipping.


  • Sweet Spot Galore

    Jan 5, 2023

    Love that this paddle isn't just larger, but the sweet spot is enlarged along with it. What a great feel and touch. You'll be able to handle the soft dinks as well as the slams with confidence. Super sweet paddle.


  • Selkirk invikta vanguard 2.0 midweight racquet

    Dec 17, 2022

    This is my first should I say top of the line racquet. I noticed right away I loved the elongated paddle and the longer grip. First thing I noticed when I played with it I had a really good feel with it on my shots. I like the thickness of the paddle also there is less vibration. Reason I gave 4 stars and not 5 I was expecting it to be a little more powerful. Didn’t seem like I got anymore power than my less expensive racquets. Then again I’m blaming most of that on my technique. I haven’t yet mastered the correct ground stroke yet. I played racquetball for 30 years and pickleball s stroke is Sooo much differentl. I am going to try adding lead tape to the paddle and see if that feels better. All in all a great paddle but if I improve I will be seeking another racquet quickly. Thanks Jeff

    Jeff McDowell