ProXR Advantage Blackout Series 16 Paddle - USED

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Gently used or cosmetically blemished. Final sale. No returns. Colors may vary from paddle pictured.
Open box, "visually blemished," returned, demo, or otherwise gently used ProXR Advantage Blackout Series 16 Paddle. Colors vary. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to guarantee what color you are shipped. Most of these paddles are customer returns or demo paddles used by our staff. We inspect them before making them available for sale. All sales of this paddle are final, and they are not eligible for return, exchange, or refund (unless we’ve made a misrepresentation about the paddle).

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  • ProXR Advantage Blackout

    Aug 29, 2022

    Purchased a "used" ProXR Advantage Blackout Series 16 paddle online from Pickleball Central. The paddle was 99.99% in brand new condition - only two very minute, discoloration spots were on the paddle face. It did not include a paddle cover. But at a 25% price discount ($158/$210) this is great value. Oh, by the way - this paddle feels great. Am pleased with it's performance on both the 'strength' and 'soft' shots - well suited for power or finesse. The angled handle end makes for a firm, secure grip.

    Mike G.