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Gently used or cosmetically blemished. Final sale. No returns. Colors may vary from paddle pictured.
Open box, "visually blemished," returned, demo, or otherwise gently used Babolat MNSTR Pickleball Paddle. Colors vary. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to guarantee what color you are shipped. Most of these paddles are customer returns or demo paddles used by our staff. We inspect them before making them available for sale. All sales of this paddle are final, and they are not eligible for return, exchange, or refund (unless we’ve made a misrepresentation about the paddle).

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Reviews ()

  • Nice Intermediate Paddle

    Mar 12, 2023

    I needed a light paddle due to my shoulder problem. This paddle works for that purpose. It is light, but has a solid feel and works well at the net where fast reaction is needed. The only problem is that it does not have the "pop" needed to return deep and mid-court balls without extra effort. My Selkirk Epic does not have this problem. There are not a lot of light (7-7.4oz) paddles on the market and this one seemed like one to try. It just did not work for me. This would work for less experienced players who want a light paddle that has more control and less power.


  • Touch! ...and hand speed too!

    Nov 28, 2022

    I am a 4.0 player who likes to dink and patiently wait for an opening. This is the perfect paddle paddle for me. It has slightly less spin than the Engage Poach I have been using, but way more control. The ball goes right where I aim every time and the sweet spot seems to cover the whole face of the paddle. One aspect I was not expecting but fell in love with immediately was the remarkable difference in my hand speed. The Babolat Touch is so light that my hands just fly on the quick exchanges. I win a lot more hand battles now. I also have not noticed any loss of speed on my overheads. Excellent paddle. I have been playing with it for 2 months now, hoping it hold up well.

    Doug Chandler