SLK Latitude 2-Paddle Bundle

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Graphite paddle bundle from Selkirk includes 2 SLK Latitude paddles, 3 balls and a bag.

Middleweight/Medium Grip

Selkirk SLK Latitude 2-Paddle Bundle w/Sling Bag

The SLK Latitude Two Paddle Bundle can benefit players of all levels and includes the essentials for taking to the court! This graphite paddle bundle features two durable SLK Latitude Paddles by Selkirk (one of the most recognizable and respected names in pickleball), plus three indoor pickleballs, and an attractive "Zero Zero Two" Game On Sling-style bag in yellow to keep it all packed up. The Latitude paddles feature great balance and a broad sweet spot thanks to their 8.25" width. This affords you all kinds of surface area for returning volleys while defending against those annoying attacks at the kitchen line!

The SLK Latitude 2-Paddle Bundle also arrives with a Game On Sling Bag which is roomy enough for all your gear and keeps it protected away from the court. It comfortably fits over one shoulder and zips up to safely stash all the necessities. The included indoor pickleballs are designed to last, play with consistency, and mitigate "skid" across indoor playing surfaces. The green color helps them stand out under the harshest indoor lighting conditions.

The SLK Graphite Latitude Two Paddle Bundle is versatile enough that both newbies and intermediate players can enjoy it right away and use it to improve their game.


SLK Graphite Latitude Widebody Paddle
Weight Average: 7.5 oz
Weight Range: 7.2-7.7 oz
Grip Circumference: 4 1/4" (actual grip sizes may vary up to 1/8")
Grip Style: Ultra-Comfort Grip
Grip Manufacturer: Selkirk
Grip Length: 5 1/4"
Paddle Length: 15 1/2”
Paddle Width: 8 1/4"
Paddle Face: Dual-Layer Graphite
Core Material: Polymer PowerCore
Made in China
Manufacturer: Selkirk

Bundle includes:
2 - SLK Latitude Paddles
3 - Indoor Pickleballs
1 - Game On Sling Bag

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  • latitude

    Nov 10, 2022

    Nice set for beginners and intermediate players


  • Package was perfect

    Nov 10, 2022

    Being new to pickleball, I originally purchased a more expensive, longer, and heavier paddle. It just did not feel comfortable. I then purchased these and my game is getting much better. Lighter and feeling better in my hand. Thank you.

    jeanne speranza

  • Nice set to have for family and friends!

    Aug 12, 2022

    We purchased this set to have an extra set of quality paddles wherever we go or if we have guests that may need one!

    Robert Harmon

  • Pickleball Product Review

    Jul 1, 2022

    Michael Kothbauer

  • SLK Beginner Paddle set

    Feb 24, 2022

    I was happy to find the weight, length of paddle and quality of material to fit my needs as a beginner and pay a reasonable price. Bag and pickle balls were a bonus for the total price! The paddles are very nice quality. I would highly recommend this package!

    Jennifer Hoeppner