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You'll receive $530+ MSRP of composite paddles, wood paddles, balls and accessories. Great way to start or replenish your gear!

Pickleball PREMIUM Mystery Box

6 Paddles + 3 Pickleballs + Other Fun Random Accessories! MSRP Value if new of $530+

If you can’t get enough of our Mystery Boxes, you’ll be excited to know we’ve introduced a premium version! You get the same number of products that are included in our standard box but with higher quality products: Namely, two out of the four composite paddles will be ultra high-end models. The pickleballs included are also guaranteed to be USAP-approved. We are able to sell these products at such an extreme discount due to their "blemished" nature. They may have slight visual defects like paint discoloration or small surface scratches, but they'll still perform like first quality units.

We inspect every paddle to ensure they will perform before packaging them into our premium kits. We know that players are always looking for reliable equipment for clubs, families, and community groups, and these boxes accomplish just that. Our customers get a great deal and we have the opportunity to introduce you to outstanding products at savings of up to 48% off retail.

All products are final sale.

Each mystery box will include a minimum of the following items below:

Four (4) Composite Pickleball Paddles - ($460 MSRP Value when new) Half of these paddles will be from top manufacturers, valued between $160 and $200 each, that can easily perform during high-level play. The "composite" material may include fiberglass, graphite, and/or carbon fiber. Paddles may be slightly blemished, but they have great life left on them; all will be perfectly playable.

Two (2) Wood Pickleball Paddles - ($30 MSRP Value when new) These paddles are brand new and either the PickleballCentral Rally Meister or Kanga models. Wood paddles are heavier than composite paddles, typically weighing between 9.0 and 10.5 ounces, and are built to last for years of play.

Three (3) Pickleballs - (MSRP $10.99) You will receive 3 premium outdoor pickleballs that are USAP-approved and designed to stay in round longer than the average ball. They will be a bright, neon color that is visible against any court type. All pickleballs will be brand new, playable, and from a respected main line manufacturer.

Two (or more) Promotional Gifts (MSRP $30.00 or more) Over the years we've given away thousands of free gifts, and after almost every promotion we have a few left over. These promo items will feature brands from various manufacturers and will vary from package to package.

Reviews ()

  • Surprise box

    Nov 10, 2022

    The contents were just as described. They also threw I. A couple of delicious protein bars. Very happy with the purchase.


  • Great paddles

    Sep 2, 2022

    Variety of paddles were great!!

    Stephen Yabroudy

  • Mystery box arrived pronto

    Aug 27, 2022

    we haven't yet got the Pickleball lessons underway but these paddles will greatly help us launch a number of new players.

    ATTN: Bert Coates

  • Premium mystery box

    Aug 23, 2022

    Great value for the money! I was surprised and excited when I opened the box and pulled out engage, paddletek, Selkirk, head & gearbox paddles! The accessories were paddle covers. Definitely worth the money and have recommended the premium mystery box to several friends. If you’re in the fence…pull the trigger. You won’t be disappointed!


  • Pickleball Product Review

    Aug 19, 2022

    Aug 19, 2022