Pickleball Journal

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Record your pickleball training, goals and progress all in one place!

Pickleball Journal

The Pickleball Journal helps players track their goals, create positive habits and improve their game through the development of fun routines. It's all about self improvement, pickleball style! The book will walk you through a brief skills assessment to determine what areas you want to develop, then you will fill out a monthly plan detailing how you want to train. This includes warm-ups, strategizing, strength training, drills and all types of play. The Pickleball Journal makes daily tracking as simple as checking boxes to recall what you focused on with an additional area for notes and comments. Every week and month includes a more thorough overview of your progress so you can reflect on what needs to change or if you're continuing on the right track. The planner includes a 12-month timeline, but you write in dates rather than being stuck within a preordained year, so feel free to start your journey at any point and get use out of every page. The Pickleball Journal is an enjoyable way to keep tabs on your progress and will serve as a memento of the effort you've put in to become a stronger player.

What the Pros are Saying About the Pickleball Journal:

“If you don’t record it, does it even count?” -Brian Ashworth

“I think this journal is a great tool to help motivate and keep players on track and responsible for their training and progress. I wish I would have had one back when I started.” -Tonja Major

“This journal is great for all levels.” -Peter Hudachko

“It’s perfect because I always go into my practices and games with a plan and now with this journal, it reminds me to write down how it went and what I learned so I can apply it to the next time I play.” -Takako Tourangeau

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