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4 Products
Margaritaville Pickleball Paddles, Bags, & Accessories by HEAD.

Margaritaville Pickleball Paddles

Margaritaville Paddles, Bags, and Shirts by HEAD Sports Are Perfect For Pickleball Fun!

The Margaritaville brand is all about having fun! Pickleball is fun! Thus, we have a match made in paradise. Inspired by the tropical stylings of Jimmy Buffet and his legion of Parrot Heads, and produced by HEAD Sports, you will get a fantastic combination of style and quality. HEAD has taken some of the best quality paddles and overlaid the Margaritaville brand identity on top to create high performance paddles that tell the world you are on the court to have some fun! The accessories include bags, totes, and stylish t-shirts.

Learn More About Margaritaville Pickleball:

Margaritaville Pickleball paddles, bags, and apparel are produced in partnership with HEAD Sports. Launched in September 2018, these products were designed to take the fun lifestyle brand of Margaritaville and bring it to market with products engineered by HEAD for the highest possible performance. Pickleball Central is proud to be an official launch partner for Margaritaville Pickleball!