Made in America Pickleball Set

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High quality, all-American gear for players who want to run their own games. 4 red balls, a white net, and 4 blue composite paddles. Get it? Plus a rulebook.

Made in the USA Pickleball Set with all American-made Components

Red Balls, White Net, Blue Paddles...U.S.A.!

The Made in America Pickleball Set was curated by our product experts at Pickleball Central to provide customers a fantastic set of all equipment needed to start playing pickleball, with our assurance that every component was 100% made in the USA. The items in this set are designed and manufactured in the U.S. and are of superior quality that will last as participants grow from beginners to more competitive players. Setup is extremely quick so you can begin playing in minutes!

The Made in the USA Pickleball Set arrives with:
  • Four (4) Champion PolyPro paddles from Pickle-ball, Inc. (the original pickleball equipment company)
  • Four (4) TRU 32 PRO pickleballs from Wilson
  • A regulation-sized SwiftNet 2.1 Portable Net System from Pickle-ball, Inc.
  • An official USA Pickleball rulebook.
The composite PolyPro paddles feature a classic design that can be handled by just about any player, and come in at a medium weight (7.7 to 8.0 oz.) which allows for quick, precise movements while retaining power. The Wilson TRU32 PRO Pickleballs were engineered at the Wilson Innovation Center in Chicago and feature an injection-molded design, unique 32-hole pattern for true flight, and a player-preferred textured surface. Finally, the SwiftNet 2.1 is a premium-quality portable net system featuring lightweight aluminum and carbon fiber components, making it the lightest portable net on the market at just 17 lbs. The SwiftNet is so thoughtfully designed that it is composed of just seven components, plays like a permanent net thanks to its top draw cord, and sets up in just two minutes.

The Made in America Pickleball Set is an excellent investment for those who want quick setup, and durable gear engineered and manufactured by innovative American companies.


Made in America Pickleball Set Technical Specifications
Paddle Weight Range: 7.7 - 8.0 ounces
Average Weight: 7.85 ounces
Grip Circumference: 4.25" (Medium) Actual grip sizes may vary up to 1/8"
Grip Style: Perforated Cushion.
Handle Length: 5"
Paddle Length: 15.6"
Paddle Width: 7.75"
Paddle Face: Polycarbonate Fiberglass Composite
Core Material: Polymer honeycomb
Core Thickness: 0.5"
Edge Guard: 1/8" overlapping paddle face
Manufacturer: Pickle-ball, Inc.
Made in USA

Set Includes:
4-Champion PolyPro paddles by Pickle-ball, Inc.
4-TRU32 PRO outdoor pickleballs by Wilson Sporting Goods
1-USA Pickleball Official Rulebook
1-SwiftNet 2.1 Portable Net System by Pickle-ball, Inc.

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