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Lobster Grand 20-Function Remote Control

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Control 20 functions of the Lobster 'Pickleball Champion' Ball Machine with this easy to use, compact, and all-powerful remote control.

Lobster Grand 20-Function Remote Control

Compatible with the Lobster 'Pickle Champion' Ball Machine

The Grand Remote Control from Lobster Sports is compact in size but allows you maximum control of 20 functions on your Pickle Champion machine. It allows you to switch between the pre-set drills loaded to your machine, or change the settings for firing speed, ball spin, shot elevation, and ball feed frequency right from your hand, anywhere on the court.

To most easily leverage this powerful remote control, this feature should be ordered and installed at the time of your original purchase of the Pickle Champion machine; otherwise, the machine will need to be sent back to the manufacturer for upgrades. However, if you're mechanically inclined, the hardware for the Grand Remote Control can be installed by the machine owner after purchase.

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