Kollectaball K-Max Ball Collector

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No more bending over to pick up pickleballs, simply roll around the court to collect up to 40 balls. Easily opens to empty balls. Lightweight and durable.

Kollectaball K-Max Ball Collector

The Kollectaball K-Max Ball Collector attracted tons of attention on our courts before we ever made it available to the public thanks to its functional, and surprisingly fun, pick up prowess! This tool is conveniently light weight and can be rolled across courts strewn with discarded pickleballs almost like a sport-centric vacuum. The balls slide between the wires and have them safely stored in record time. No wait, no sore back and no more dread when you look at your court after practice.

The Kollectaball K-Max Ball Collector can be dispensed into a cart or basket and has a hook at the end of its handle so it can be hung on a fence or peg during storage. The K-Max now features a stand that allows it to sit on the floor if no fencing is available to hang it. It can hold up to 40 pickleballs so you won't have to empty it many times during use. You can easily pick up hundreds of balls in seconds thanks to this functional design. The collector comes with 60 wires, but you'll only need half during assembly to ensure proper use with pickleballs.

The Kollectaball K-Max Ball Collector is a huge time saver for every serious coach or player that wants to take the pain out of court clean-up.

Click HERE for K-Max Assembly Instructions.

: If assembling for use with pickleballs, only insert EVERY OTHER wire. See instruction sheet above.

Reviews of the Kollectaball K-Max Ball Collector by Pickleball Central Staff:

"I have had the opportunity over the years to put on exhibitions and demonstration of the most popular ball machines on the market. While I love to demo these products, my back was not always a fan of the pick up necessary after shooting out hundreds of balls. Then we got the Kollectaball K-Max. Now my back feels better and I spend a fraction of the time on pick-up. The K-Max is the easiest ball collector to use. It even makes the chore fun. You roll over the balls, watch them get gobbled up and then simply dump them in the basket - about 50-60 at a time. This is one innovative machine that makes drilling, teaching or demoing an even more enjoyable undertaking!"
John, Sales (3.5 Player)


Fully assembled ball collector measures 52 inches in length

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  • Excellent product

    Dec 1, 2022

    Works well. A real back-saver. Definitely add this item to your pickleball machine purchase.


  • Great Ball Hopper for Tennis

    Nov 17, 2022

    Easy to use, picks up balls effectively and quickly. Even my 8 yr old is able to use this without any issues. Putting it together takes some time, suggest to watch an existing YouTube video, which is quite good.


  • A must if you want to save your back!

    Nov 15, 2022

    I hesitated at first, but after taking the Tutor Plus twice, it was a no brainer. Instructions are not the best but that should not stop you from buying a tool that will help you. Just look a the picture that comes in the instructions and you will be fine. If you can put together furniture from Ikea or other places, this is piece of cake! I hope this helps!

    Andres G.

  • Ball pickup roller max

    Nov 6, 2022

    Wasn’t anticipating the meticulous assembly necessary. Was not difficult, just not anticipated.


  • Great product

    Sep 4, 2022

    Easy (and fun) to use. Quickly picks up pickleballs while saving your back. 30-36 balls is about the capacity. I have 48 pickleballs and split the collection into 2 groups. Assembly is a little challenging. For pickleballs, you only use 1/2 of the wires (every second slot).