FILA No Show Socks

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A no-show design for players who don't want sock visibility but still crave a protective, breathable, and supportive feel.

Sizes S-XL

FILA Pickleball No Show Socks

The FILA No Show Socks with tabs are great for players who don't like the feel of socks protruding above their shoes. Despite their sleek look, they're still a wonderful choice for preventing blisters and ensuring pleasant airflow during vigorous play. With the use of specialized DRYMAX technology, the material pulls sweat away from the body and transfers it to an outer layer which won't interfere with comfort.

These FILA No Show Socks feature tabs above the heel, at the back of the ankle, to make them easy to pull up while worn, and have a variety of other features which also contribute to a breathable design. The forefeet uses mesh panels, and the heels boast a cooling vent. Arch bands contribute to better stability and reduced tension in motion, while toe covers soften impact and the feeling of drag. These socks do plenty for your feet's health while coming in a small package.

The No Show Athletic Socks from FILA Pickleball reduce odor, allow air to reach the skin, and protect your body while maintaining their shape and effectiveness.

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