Paddle Cleanse Kit

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Cleansing kit for keeping your paddle looking and performing like you just bought it. Kit includes cleansing spray, scrubbing pad, and microfiber cloth.

Paddle Cleanse Kit

The Paddle Cleanse Kit is a unique offering that helps keep your paddle's appearance and performance as close to new as possible. It is designed for use on the face and non-cloth grips. Using the kit will remove dust, dirt, oil, sweat and grease, all common contaminants that can accrue from contact with skin, pickleballs and court surfaces.

The Paddle Cleanse Kit prevents the build-up of debris that affect the microgroove structure of paddle faces. This can reduce pickleball/face contact quality and result in a loss of responsiveness without maintenance. The kit's formula adheres to USAPA guidelines since it doesn't leave residue on your paddle's surface. It consists of a cleanse spray, microfiber towel, scrub pad for stubborn stains, carry bag and instructions.

The Paddle Cleanse Kit will extend the life and functionality of your paddle with minimal upkeep and expense.

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