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A Carbon 3K face and a thick, softer, low-density poly core add up to a control oriented paddle with a little bit of pop, perfect for an all-court game.

Middleweight/Small Grip

adidas ESSNOVA CARBON CTRL LD Pickleball Paddle

The adidas ESSNOVA paddles leverage a control-oriented "Carbon 3K" face material and thick'ish 14.28mm (0.56") thick honeycomb poly core, yielding a great deal of touch and feel from the paddle. The CARBON CTRL LD (defined as "control, low-density") adds even more control to the equation by way of its core absorbing and distributing more of the impact energy. The feedback from every strike is noticeable, and so is your increase in confidence. And with that familiar, classic pickleball paddle shape, the sweet spot is right in center of the face where you expect to find it. It also is well balanced and comfortable in the hand.

The ESSNOVA CTRL LD paddle includes the adidas technology found throughout their intermediate-to-advanced player line - perimeter structural reinforcement, and "Spin Blade" texture. The weight range is 7.7 to 8.2 oz., and overall dimensions are 16" long by 8" wide. The handle is a comfortable 4-3/4" long, with a small 4-1/8" circumference.

The ESSNOVA CARBON CTRL LD Pickleball Paddle by adidas will bring skilled players an extra measure of ball control to keep opponents guessing.

Actual grip sizes may vary up to 1/8".


adidas ESSNOVA CARBON CTRL LD Pickleball Paddle Technical Specifications
Weight Average: 8.0 ounces
Weight Range: 7.7 - 8.2 ounces
Grip Circumference: 4 1/8" (small) Actual grip sizes may vary up to 1/8".
Grip Style: Perforated Cushion
Grip Manufacturer: adidas
Handle Length: 4 3/4"
Paddle Length: 16"
Paddle Width: 8"<
Paddle Face: Carbon 3K (carbon fiber)
Core Material: Low-density Polypropylene Honeycomb
Core Thickness: 14.28mm (.56")
Edge Guard: 1/4" overlapping paddle face
Manufacturer: adidas
Made in China

Reviews ()

  • Soft and Highly Controllable

    Sep 21, 2021

    I am a 4.0/4.5 National medal winner with 11+ years of experience, so keep these comments in context. I played with this Adidas paddle a couple of different times with some 3.0's and 4.0's. Looking at the physical paddle, I see it is thicker than many other paddles I have owned, and I have owned quite a few. This gives it some of its soft touch. The hitting surface has a raised logo, which doesn’t seem to mess with your shot. The surface area has little nicks in it - a few more were made after my use. The surrounding edge guard is more solid. It would wear well. The grip and its size are great for larger hands. The rubber-like material will wear well also. I like the rubber-like band because you don’t have to worry about it pealing off like tape. I prefer a slim cap on the end of the handle so I can slip down for stretch shots, but many others like a thick cap like this one has so it won't slip out of their hand. Balance is a little forward which many like, me included. It helps with balls that hit the end of the paddle. It is the softest paddle I have played with. As an advanced instructor, I would suggest it for beginners for that reason. They would need it most as a beginner because it would help with control due to the softness: the ball will also stay on the paddle longer, allowing them to even get some spin out of it. Yes, you will get more spin from this one as compared to most harder surface paddles. This paddle is 8.0 oz. which also works well for me. This paddle would work well as a defensive paddle, a great paddle for blocking shots. Do not expect a lot of power/speed for that reason, though. Again, this is a good beginner paddle. I had one almost as soft when I started playing pickleball. This Adidas paddle will lessen your chances of hitting balls out.

    Will Saunders

  • Performs Well All Over the Court

    Sep 21, 2021

    The Adidas ESSNOVA Carbon CTRL LD has a slick look and lightweight feel. The handle has a nice grip but is a little on the smaller side, making it uncomfortable on the palm of the hand. The paddle performs well all around the court helping to achieve power and control shots. If you prefer a very small handle you might like this paddle.

    Diana W.